Impress the best

Impress the best

Impress the best, even when you work alone

Appearances are important in business, and sometimes customer decisions are based on irrational components. For example, some people are wary of the self-employed and prefer to deal with larger companies that they associate (wrongly) with greater assurance. So while you work alone, you may be interested in adapting yours and your company’s outward appearance.

A professional website

Today, for very little money you can create a very stylish and professional website. If you take care of this detail, a customer who visits your site will have the impression that they are dealing with a company with many means, whether or not it is actually the case.
On the contrary, even today there are many websites from medium or even large companies that give out very little of their image online, because they use dated technology and archaic designs and features.

Watch your appearance

It’s the same idea for your website, but this time you are the showcase. If you meet with a client who is very casually dressed or unshaven (for men), they not only may appear to come from a small business, but above all, will project an image of carelessness and unprofessionalism.
Not only is it about dressing professionally (or at least wearing the right clothes for your sector), but also the attention to detail with accessories (wallet, computer, telephone).
Watch out though! Although the appearance is important, try not to project an image that is too exaggerated. You don’t want clients to think that your services are going to be very expensive. You must find a balance that you are comfortable with.

Use the plural

Instead of speaking in the first person, replace the “I” for “we” whenever necessary, as it very easily gives the impression of a large company. Whereas most freelancers have to support other people for some aspects of their business, it is not a big exaggeration.

Partner with other professionals

If you work alone, there are things you want to offer your customers but you can’t because you simply cannot do everything. The solution is simple: contact with other professionals and organise joint bids. This helps you present a united front to your customers and the apparent image of a large company.

Rent an office

If you work from home and do not want (or you cannot) get your customers to your door, you have several solutions. You can use facilities from time to time of another professional that you know, or directly rent an office. There are specialist companies that offer varied packages for serviced office spaces that will help maintain and heighten your company image greatly.

Use social media

Social media can help get your message across. If you are a new business trying to increase your sales can be difficult, social media can help provide a platform for you to connect to new people. If you are unsure of how this can help you? Contact today, our social media management services can help boost your business and brand.

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